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LOVEYOURSELF conducts Character Education Workshops in Public Schools. Workshop Topics Include : Self Esteem Building, The Importance of Healthy Relationships, Sexual Health, Literacy, Finances, the Importance of Higher Education, Hygiene, Fashion & Beauty Hair, Skin & Nails) Tips, Nutrition, Wardrobe , Runway , and Many More. The Primary Objective of the workshops is to increase the self esteem of young women through activities that enable students to carefully identify and define positive self love, self image and the importance of making healthy life decisions. Secondary Objectives include increasing writing skills, comprehension , problem solving and critical thinking. Bianca Utilizes theatre, visual art and music as her creative tactics to keep students engaged and interested. 

LoveYourself Always Inc, Strives to provide empowerment services to all women and girls regardless of their economic , ethnic or religious status

schools and universities

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